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Letters: Aug. 20, 2012

Aug. 19, 2012 - 01:05PM   |  
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Save leftover ammo

In response to “Leftover rounds can save Army money,” printed in the Aug. 6 issue, Capt. Paul Froelich is correct — this will save the Army some money.

The Army already has a policy to address this, and it is illegal to expend leftover ammunition in accordance with AR 710-2, page 60, para 2-40 (d), “Ammunition will be expended for intended purposes only. Ammunition will never be abandoned, destroyed, fired indiscriminately, or otherwise disposed of in order to avoid any inconveniences of returning the item(s) to an SSA {supply support activity].”

There are a few of us command sergeant majors left who try to enforce this. The problem is, nobody reads the books anymore.

— Army Command Sgt. Maj. Ken Blasko, Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Va.

Let disabled vets run VA

Regarding stories about how the Veterans Affairs Department has failed: The only people who should be allowed to work at VA are disabled veterans. I guarantee that would fix the problem.

— Eric Beckelheimer, Lexington Park, Md.

Commissary a good deal

I strongly disagree with Spc. Roger Boyer’s comments on doing away with stateside commissaries in the Aug. 6 issue [“You can bag commissaries”]. He apparently has no knowledge of a very important fact, which is that commissaries do, in fact, save customers 33 percent or better on average, and local grocery stores do not have the same or similar prices, not even the Wal-Marts.

I will give Wal-Mart some savings over the other local stores, but it still is a far cry from commissary prices. Two recent examples: I spent $350 and saved $115 on one visit, and spent $415 and saved $115 on another.

I wonder how much of a howl would come from the active-duty ranks if it was suggested, especially by retirees, that they take a 33 percent cut in their pay and benefits. Retirees worked for and were promised this and other benefits. We also pay a surcharge on every purchase, which goes toward supporting the commissaries.

Things are bad enough without active-duty personnel wanting our income and benefits slashed by hundreds of dollars per month, not to mention their future benefits if they make the military a career. Talk about shooting one’s self in the foot.

— Retired Air Force Master Sgt. Lawrence J. Pankonin, Grand Forks, N.D.

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