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Annuity delays

Oct. 7, 2012 - 09:03AM   |  
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I submitted my retirement notice to my personnel office on Sept. 4. After hearing full retirements are being held up due to Office of Personnel Management delays, I wrote back later in the week to ask what percentage of my pay I will get upon my retirement. I thought it was going to be 80 percent to 85 percent of my annuity. I was told I will only be getting 60 percent to 65 percent of my pension for six to nine months after I retire. This is not what I planned on receiving upon my retirement.

I was also informed that I could not claim interest on my money the government is keeping tied up during this period. There is really something wrong here.

Why isn’t the government letting retirees know up front what they are facing? Nothing is being sent out by our personnel offices saying you are going to get a severely reduced annuity upon your retirement. How are people to plan for their retirements if they are not given this information until they put in for their retirements?

I was promised a retirement pension upon completing my time in grade, completing the required number of years and age to retire. I have met all the requirements to retire. Why is Uncle Sam cheating me out of my full retirement and then refusing to pay me interest when it is holding on to my money for more than half a year? Why aren’t more federal workers protesting this action?

This is the money I planned on living off of after retirement and I planned accordingly. Now I’m told I can’t receive my full pension. What other business does not give its employees their full pensions when they retire?

I want all of my pension because I earned it and planned on living on X amount of retirement dollars. Consider the rising cost of living with food, gas, health insurance and utility prices, and now that I am retiring, I am being forced to take a cut in my retirement. I didn’t work for more than 33 years to have my pension almost cut in half upon my retirement.

We all need to stand up and fight against this injustice. Write the president, write your Congress members, write articles in your newspapers. Let it be known that the U.S. government is letting its workers down by not giving us our full pensions.

If you owed the federal government $10, it wouldn’t wait six to nine months to ask for the money. Why do we have to wait?

Is it legal for the federal government to provide me with a reduced annuity until it gets someone to process my paperwork? This should be against the law.

Gloria J. Daws

Battle Creek, Mich.

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