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Letters to the Editor: Oct. 29

Oct. 28, 2012 - 02:39PM   |  
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Dollars in naming rights

We’ve read a lot lately about the General Services Administration’s problems regarding excess building inventory and insufficient budgets to do needed repairs. I’d like to recommend a solution that has worked for many cities around the country: Sell naming rights.

What would be wrong with, for example, the GE X-Ray Division Department of Homeland Security Building, the Foxconn Federal Communications Commission Headquarters, the Monsanto Department of Agriculture or the Budweiser/Marlboro/Remington Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives?

— Albert Lubran, Monument, Colo.

Waiting on VA

I agree with Eric Beckelheimer’s Aug. 20 letter [“Let disabled vets run VA”].

Yes, if disabled vets were in charge of the Veterans Affairs Department, all veterans would receive their past-due compensation — including yours truly, who has been waiting since 2003.

— Theodore R. Hoelling, Sacramento, Calif.

I have a solution for the Veterans Affairs Department’s backlog problem: Get it right the first time. I retired last year and will, along with most of my fellow airmen, be filing for VA disability several times before we get the correct rating. That doubles or triples the time the board has to look at the package.

My father, for example, retired from the Air Force after 28 years of service. He was given a 10 percent disability rating, although he claimed six items, including a broken kneecap, which was later replaced, and arthritis in his right elbow, which was injured in Vietnam. His package is meeting the board for the fourth time.

I retired with 15 items claimed. VA granted me nothing on five items. It is wrong, of course. For example, among the issues was a torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder, injured playing baseball for my Air Force intramural team. The board said that for me to receive a 10 percent disability rating for my shoulder, I would have to have “painful movement.” Um, the muscle is torn. Doesn’t 43 trips to the doctor for that problem imply painful movement?

— Retired Lt. Col. Robert Blair , Tampa, Fla.

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