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Letters to the Editor: Dec. 17

Dec. 16, 2012 - 01:55PM   |  
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Pay dissatisfaction

The Dec. 3 article “Feds dissatisfied” shows that federal employees are unsatisfied with their jobs, pay and morale.

I have a suggestion for all federal employees who are becoming disgruntled. Walk down the street and tell those who are unemployed, struggling to support a family on minimum wage, on welfare, homeless or hungry that you are unhappy with your pay.

I am a retired federal employee. I cannot understand why the federal workforce thinks it should be paid at the same level as the private sector. The private sector is in the business to make money, whereas the federal government is in the business to spend money. If you are not satisfied, then quit; there are a lot of unemployed and underemployed, including veterans, who would be glad to take your position.

We have a large number of unemployed veterans. It has been my belief as a veterans advocate that the Veterans Affairs Department should employ about 70 percent veterans. VA claims it employs about 30 percent. Where?

President Obama has issued an executive order to hire veterans. The last I had heard, the entire federal workforce includes only about 10 percent veterans. Any executive order is only as good as the accountability. Where is the accountability in Washington?

— Homer Ford, Muskogee, Okla.

Disability process fails

In regard to the article “Despite effort from VA, DoD, disability claim delays grow” [Oct. 8]:

I’ve had a pending appeal regarding post-traumatic stress disorder with the Veterans Affairs Department for about four years. Even though my claim was initially denied because I couldn’t prove I was in the places I claimed (classified operations), regulations issued in July 2011 didn’t require this proof any longer. This is the only thing preventing my case from being approved, and yet I still wait for VA’s three- to five-year appeal process.

As the article states, even with new policies, it now takes 100 days longer to close a case than it did five years ago. This is unsatisfactory.

I have a son who is thinking about joining the Marine Corps. He sees the way VA treats veterans. He even asked me: “Dad, with the way they’ve treated you, why would I join?” That’s a real hard question to answer.

— Retired Marine Corps Master Sgt. Frederick C. Montney III, Newark, Del.

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