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Agencies list 376 reports as unnecessary

Jan. 10, 2013 - 04:25PM   |  
By SEAN REILLY   |   Comments

Agencies have singled out 376 legally required reports that could be eliminated, published less often or consolidated with others.

The list was posted this week on, an Office of Management and Budget website, in response to a provision in the 2010 Government Performance and Results Modernization Act that aims to get rid of unneeded agency reporting.

Among the recommendations:

• The Defense Department wants to jettison a biannual report on its “space protection strategy” on the grounds that the information could be incorporated into a separate review on DoD’s overall space posture.

• A yearly rundown of the Veterans Affairs Department’s “local procurement of health care items” is no longer needed because there have been no dramatic changes in such spending in almost a quarter century, VA said.

• The White House argues for getting rid of a homeland security funding analysis on the basis that — although several hundred people across government are involved in drafting it each year — “the data is neither used in preparation of the president’s budget nor with respect to informing program decisions.”

The list must now be updated annually. Lawmakers will review the list and work with agencies and OMB on legislation “that will eliminate or modify these unnecessary reporting requirements,” Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., one of the sponsors of the Government Performance and Results Modernization Act, said in a news release.


You can find the list by going to Then click on "Congressionally-mandated Plans and Reports." Then click on the "linked list.”

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