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How we calculated this list

Mar. 18, 2013 - 07:29AM   |  
By STAFF REPORT   |   Comments

We obtained all 687,687 employee responses to statements measuring job satisfaction on the 2012 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. We focused on responses to two specific survey questions, No. 9: “I have sufficient resources (for example, people, materials, budget) to get my job done” and No. 10: “My workload is reasonable.” Employees could respond in one of six ways: agree, strongly agree, disagree, strongly disagree, neither agree nor disagree, or do not know. We assigned values to those responses: 1 for agree; 2 for strongly agree; -1 for disagree; -2 for strongly disagree; and zero for neither agree nor disagree. Responses of “do not know” were excluded from our data.

We then derived the average response value for each question for all 292 agencies surveyed. This chart shows the 25 agencies whose combined values on both questions were lowest. Note: The data reflect a representation only of the individuals who answered the survey — we did not weight the data.

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