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Federal Times Facebook comments

Sep. 29, 2013 - 04:26PM   |  
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A sample of readers’ comments on Federal Times’ Facebook page.

On “Agencies notifying employees of shutdown effects,” Sept. 26:

I am so tired of the threat of a shutdown and this and that and everything else. Do Federal employees really want to work when Congress treats them like crap? Shut down, not shut down, shut down, not shut down. This has been the worst Congress ever. How about we shut them down!

— Linda McAdams

On “Boehner sends mixed messages on shutdown,” Sept. 26:

All losers up on the hill. There is only one way out of this mess, cut spending, PERIOD.

— Al Herche

This is a very sad state of affairs.

— Garry Grimes

On “Health plan premiums to climb 3.7%,” Sept. 24:

Nice! I’m happy to see affordable care keeps getting more affordable!

— James Butscher

With no raise, same as a pay cut.

— Matthew Rosencrans

Keeping it under 4%? Really 3.7% is just sooo much better what a rip off - no raises for how long and yet another raise in health insurance? I am not sure I can keep affording to give my time to the FED GOV anymore.

— Karina Dankmyer

Be thankful you’re not in the exchanges. It would be costing you more for the same coverage and network.

— Charles Alonge

What a crock! I just checked the rates and my insurance went up $50 — that’s 48% for self only!

— Sandi Masterson

No pay raise, just rate increase. Less and less money. Worst govt in forever.

— Frederick Houde

Under 4% for 3 years straight? My premiums for HAP in Michigan last year went up 32%! How do they do their math?

— Michael Narducci

Now, for retirees, if we get no COLA, where do we come up with the extra premium increase? We cannot work another couple of hours overtime. We cannot refuse to pay a utility. We cannot take less medication for our health.

Where do we get the extra money needed to pay for the increase? How many more meals can we make out of oatmeal?

— Benjamim Martorellae

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