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Federal Times Facebook comments

Oct. 20, 2013 - 04:47PM   |  
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A sample of readers’ comments on the Federal Times Facebook page:

On “Feds could get 1 percent raise in January,” Oct. 17:

Let’s see a 1% pay raise after three years and health insurance rates that have gone up 12% over the last 3 years - yes, federal employees are so grateful.

— Treena Greene

It’s about time. Thank you. 1% is better than nothing.

— Mark Johnson

Will most likely give it back during Sequestration FY 14.

— Ken Tillotson

Are you kidding? After several years of no federal pay raise, this does not even keep us in the ball park with the rate of inflation. What a joke. Why even bother, Congress?

— Rodel Babasa

That’s not even worth posting. That small amount would be all diminished in taxes leaving enough to buy a cracker jack box mood ring.

— Tom Yancoskie

I want my 1% increase. With everything else constantly increasing around us — food, gas,energy, etc. Some of us federal workers do actually work hard and deserve the ability to afford to be able to take care of our families!!

— Robyn Barringer

They should give themselves a 50 percent reduction and apply it to the deficit that was caused.

— Cathy Tyus

On “Federal workers should report to work Thursday morning,” Oct. 16:

Have fun clearing those email boxes!

— Chuck Mason

On “Hardships also hit contractor employees,” Oct. 14:

Only thing wrong is contracts involve limited usage of employee. When [they are] needed to learn/do other things, contract company wants expensive re-write and add charges to let employee do such. ... [At] many agencies, this has put [a] dividing line between employees and others, for employees may have worked [a] few days longer without extra help. ... Another issue to look into after callbacks.

— Donna Berean

On “Shutdown Watch - Day 12. More talk, no deal,” Oct. 12:

Anti-federal employee rhetoric has been ongoing since 2010, which has led to the three year pay freeze, sequester, 6 furlough days, a 20 percent cut for me. I still have mortgage and utilities to pay. The anti-federal employee rhetoric should have been stopped as soon as it started. Thank you for the pain.

— Irene Byrd

On “House members press for Senate action on back-pay bill,” Oct. 12:

They need to be paid. This was not caused by them; they were there ready, willing and able to do their jobs when Congress pulled the rug out from under them.

Besides, Congress has the power of the purse, and they are getting paid. I guess Congress can do nothing and get paid, but when government employees are forced to leave under no fault of their own, they do not get paid.

— Ron Eilefson

I disagree — I am excepted and in non-pay status, meaning I am working without pay.

Yes, I will be back paid, but the tax payers shouldn’t have to back pay employees that aren’t working.

— Kennison Lee

On “Shutdown Watch - Day 11,”

Oct. 11:

How many days must go by before America demands a whole new Congress-elect? One that has the focus and drive to get matters done and not let things like this ever happen!

— Ron Belcher

On “Avoid chained CPI, federal employee groups urge White House,” Oct. 9:

Seems like the general population, especially seniors, are avoiding calling their representatives. They probably have zero faith in the government at this point.

— Don McDermott

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