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Next for intelligence: immersion

Apr. 15, 2014 - 06:00AM   |  
By | AMBER CORRIN   |   Comments
Letitia Long is guiding NGIA through a transition to become a new kind of information provider.
Letitia Long is guiding NGIA through a transition to become a new kind of information provider. ()

The intelligence community is pushing toward a new, more comprehensive way of collecting, processing and using the data that underpins all of its operations: an experience built around immersion that fluidly helps connect the dots between entities that once functioned in silos.

At the center of the movement is the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, whose director, Letitia Long, says is at the center of transforming the way the government handles intelligence.

“By immersion I mean living, interacting and experimenting with the data in a multimedia, multisensory experience with GEOINT at its core,” Long said April 15 at the GEOINT conference in Tampa, Fla. “Immersion will break down the barriers between collectors, analysts, customers and decision-makers.”

At the center of the movement to the next generation of intelligence, Long said that getting to immersion means that NGA must complete a transformation from static provider of products to a resource for dynamic GEOINT content, analysis and services.

Long said that transition hinges on six pillars on which NGA will build its new-look intelligence operations: its multi-source content backbone Map of the World; analytic capabilities; next-generation collection; the globe; open-information technology; and research and technology.

“Ultimately the pillars bring to bear the power of GEOINT, to discover the unknown and deliver faster, more predictive insights to decision-makers,” she said.

Integration, the other big “I” that is a point of focus for an intelligence community set on evolving into a cutting-edge operation, is critical to getting to immersion, but it’s not the same thing, Long emphasized.

“Integrated intelligence is integrating the data – you can even talk about integrating your collection strategy,” she said. “Immersive intelligence, we’re talking about living within the data, having it readily available so that you can easily merge it, having data show up because you’re interested in it – because that’s what’s your in your profile, having the virtual spaces that you can tag up, not only with teammates but with the customer.”

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