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Looking to enterprise for an intel boost

May. 6, 2014 - 06:00AM   |  
By | AMBER CORRIN   |   Comments
ISR Conf2014
Col. Charles Wells: The Army seeks to align with ICITE to generate better mission-critical information. (Rob Curtis/Staff)

The military is well on its way toward an environment of enterprise-focused services and capabilities, and officials are hopeful that the intelligence community will be able to benefit from the efforts as well.

The Joint Information Environment is a prime example of the Defense Department-wide moves toward integrated information and services, and the intelligence community is following suit with its Intelligence Community IT Environment. Such efforts can provide double the benefit for programs like the military’s Distributed Common Ground System, one Army official noted May 5 at the C4ISR & Networks conference in Arlington, Virginia.

“When we talk enterprise, it’s particularly relevant for DCGS—not just from the Army perspective but the entire family of systems,” said Col. Charles Wells, project manager for DCGS-A. “We’re trying to avoid stovepipes. We all know what can happen if there’s a stovepipe and we overlook a critical piece of intelligence.”

The Army is looking to align with ICITE to help its analysts better provide mission-critical information to tactical commanders. An upcoming review scheduled for May 20 will help inform the best way to get there, Wells said.

As the U.S. military presence winds down in southwest Asia, it’s a key opportunity to look at ways to improve information-sharing as well as better procure the smaller systems more in line with next-generation warfare, other panelists speaking at the event noted. It’s a strategy further helped by the growing use of open architecture in military systems.

“When you take that to the next level with things like [the Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise] and the JIE, these are transformational programs we’re starting to see coming out at the joint level,” said Greg Wenzel, senior vice president for Booz Allen Hamilton’s strategic innovation group. “Now that wartime is down, can we work together to figure out a way to define what the blueprint is for how we’re going to buy these smaller things? … I think we can come together.”

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