The Department of Homeland Security has failed to finalize at least three requirements of the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act.

Following the review of 31 out of 131 action plans DHS reported as complete for implementing the 2014 FITARA legislation, the Government Accountability Office found 28 of its sample set fulfilled. 

However, the department fell short in fully ensuring all aspects of certain provisions related to failing or troubled program reviews and chief information officer involvement in contract and agreement approvals and performance evaluations.

GAO found that DHS is not properly leveraging the updated TechStat process to support lagging investments, and the department-level CIO and appropriate delegates need greater participation in the review of risks and returns of tech acquisitions and positions and knowledge needed to fill any skills gaps.

GAO recommended DHS update its policies on these areas, as well as take further steps to reinforce the resources needed for the department’s IT acquisition team to reduce duplicate, unnecessary or underperforming contracts. DHS concurred, and provided estimated completion dates for achieving these milestones. 

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