The General Services Administration has furthered a mission of innovation, activity and adaptability during the Obama administration, said GSA Administrator Denise Turner Roth in a blog post looking back at the past eight years.

Always pursuing better value and savings in government, the agency has pursued initiatives that eliminate duplicative, redundant support offices and reduce the federal footprint, saving money while boosting collaboration and community growth in the process, according to Roth.

Office relocations and consolidations to modern, efficient spaces in developing business districts have allowed for taxpayer savings and convenience, while promoting the support of public transportation and local businesses.

Tools such as the Acquisition Gateway, Make It Easier, Startup Springboard and FASt Lane have allowed vendors an expedited means to have product and services on schedules and placed side by side in front of federal agencies, facilitating smarter governmentwide acquisition solutions.

Technology, in particular, has been a focus during the Obama administration, said Roth, noting GSA's creation of 18F as an in-house tech consultancy and incubator allowed agencies to test and tailor IT products to deliver on missions.

"In the years ahead, GSA remains committed to exploring new ways we can continue delivering the best value in real estate, acquisition and technology services for government and the American people," Roth said in the blog. "As the current administration comes to a close, I am certain that our ability to deliver on our mission will only grow stronger."