Non-career appointees resigning on Inauguration Day are entitled to certain compensation, leave accrual, retirement and health benefits, according to a memo by Mark D. Reinhold, associate director for employee services and chief human capital officer for the Office of Personnel Management.

In a special reminder dated Jan. 6, Reinhold alerts agencies that affected employees (Executive Schedule, non-career Senior Executive Service, Schedule C) who resign effective at 12 p.m. EST on Jan. 20 are entitled to pay only for time their federal appointments are in effect. Agencies are responsible for determining the appropriate hours for each appointee based on the day’s work schedule prior to noon.  

Leave accrual is dependent on fulfilling 80-hour biweekly work requirements for the Jan. 8-21 period prior to noon.

The partial day does, however, provide a full day of retirement credit, and Federal Employees Health Benefits coverage extends to the end of the pay period (plus 31 days) in which the resignation occurred.

Employee questions should be directed to agency human resources offices, who can email OPM at for further guidance.