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 Agency management

  1. GSA wants to hear from feds who work in GSA-managed buildings. Sheila Vemmer/staff

    GSA looking for tenant feedback on federal offices

    Survey responses will inform management strategies.

    • Aug. 21, 2014
  2. DISA is likely to reorganize to take better advantage of its collaboration with US CYBERCOM, says DISA Vice Director MG Alan Lynn. Barry Rosenberg/C4ISRNet

    DISA to undergo cyber-focused restructure

    Still in the early planning stages, expected changes will strengthen DISA's collaboration with Cyber Command.

    • Aug. 21, 2014
  3. The Smithsonian Institution is seeking volunteers to transcribe handwritten documents. KAREN BLEIER / AFP

    Smithsonian crowd-sources transcription services

    Volunteers can help turn thousands of handwritten documents into searchable records.

    • Aug. 15, 2014
  4. The website for invitees to the Postal Service's Real Mail Notification service. USPS

    USPS beta testing mail notification service

    Get a PDF each morning showing you the mail coming that day.

    • Aug. 14, 2014
  5. Transportation to federalize some IT contractors

    Contractors cost more than federal employees, raising the cost of shared services, says CIO.

    • Aug. 13, 2014
  6. Griffiss International Airport will use PrecisionHawk's Lancaster Mark III unmanned aerial vehicle platform as part of an FAA program to research the integration of UAV's into the nation's airspace. PrecisionHawk

    FAA opens fifth unmanned aircraft test site

    Griffiss International Airport will test PrecisionHawk's Lancaster Mark III.

    • Aug. 13, 2014
  7. Sylvia Burns becomes Interior's permanent CIO

    The former associate deputy CIO had been acting CIO since March.

    • Aug. 13, 2014
  8. USDA's Web Based Supply Chain Management system enabled the ordering, procurement and delivery of 8.5 billion pounds of domestically produced foods during the last fiscal year, according to the agency. Lance Cheung/USDA

    USDA's web-based supply chain moves food faster

    Management system is poised for even broader use.

    • Aug. 12, 2014
  9. Jay Wieriman Courtesy Photo

    The dangers of arbitrary targets

    The scandal at the Veterans Administration hospitals is serious. After reading the VA's yearly performance overview, it became clear that the VA is a big believer in targets.

    • Aug. 8, 2014
  10. Federal travel rules ripple into the economy

    Restrictions on travel may be part of the cause for the D.C. hotel sector's sluggish performance.

    • Aug. 6, 2014
  11. Sen. Tom Carper is concerned that the government's transparency website is missing data on billions of dollars. Staff

    $619 billion missing from federal transparency site

    In addition to missing data, some of what is there is 'wildly inaccurate,' GAO finds.

    • Aug. 5, 2014
  12. Gannett and USA Today headquarters in McLean, Va., in suburban Washington. Evan Eile, USA Today

    Federal Times' parent company to split print division from broadcast, digital

    Gannett, the owner of Federal Times, said Tuesday that it will create two publicly traded companies as it moves to separate its broadcasting and digital businesses from its publishing division, a strategic move similarly adopted by competitors to shield m

    • Aug. 5, 2014
  13. The Defense Department is working on a new performance appraisal system for its 750,000 employees as part of a congressional mandate to overhaul its workforce policies. AFP/Getty Images

    DoD hashing out new civilian performance appraisal system

    Workers will be rated as unsuccessful, successful or superior.

    • Aug. 4, 2014
  14. Sen. Bernie Sanders sponsored legislation to make it easier to fire VA executives. Mark Wilson / Getty Images

    Congress passes VA bill making it easier to fire senior execs

    Sanders legislation also caps bonuses at $360M.

    • Aug. 1, 2014
  15. Bill would revise federal sick-leave rules for disabled vets

    Some veterans who become federal employees would get a head start on paid leave.

    • Jul. 31, 2014
  16. Lesley Field (left) and Kay Ely take part in a panel discussion at the National Contract Management Association's 2014 World Congress. Andy Medici

    If you want to succeed, be willing to fail

    Agencies should take more risks to encourage innovation in acquisition, panel agrees.

    • Jul. 30, 2014
  17. Sen. Bernie Sanders sponsored legislation to allow easier firing of VA senior execs. WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 15: Chairman Bernie Sanders (D-VT) speaks to U.S. Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki during the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee hearing that is focusing on wait times veterans face to get medical care May 15, 2014 in Washington, DC. The American Legion called Monday for the resignation of Shinseki amid reports by former and current VA employees that up to 40 patients may have died because of delayed treatment at an agency hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images) Mark Wilson / Getty Images

    VA bill makes firing execs easier

    Vets' group leery of weakened civil service protections in the legislation.

    • Jul. 29, 2014
  18. The Senate has unanimously confirmed Robert McDonald to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs. Getty Images

    Senate confirms McDonald as new VA secretary

    Vote for former Procter & Gamble CEO is unanimous.

    • Jul. 29, 2014
  19. Sue Trombley Tom Kates/ / Courtesy of Iron Mountain Consulting

    Hybrid records management can enable open government

    Not all documents need to be digitized in order to improve transparency.

    • Jul. 28, 2014
  20. A Lockheed Martin employee working on a server in the NextGen Cyber Innovation and Technology (NCITE) Center in Gaithersburg. Fran Dries

    For cyber-defense, automation alone is not enough

    Human intervention is required to truly make networks secure.

    • Jul. 28, 2014
  21. Many agencies use a mix of private and public commercial clouds. Hybrid clouds can serve as a bridge between the two. Microsoft

    Hybrid cloud strategy needs unity from the start

    Interconnecting multiple cloud systems poses the next great hurdle

    • Jul. 28, 2014
  22. The US Postal Service plans reductions in force to begin in 2015. Scott Olson / Getty Images

    Postal Service seeks RIF administrator as layoffs loom

    As buyouts and early retirements go forward, involuntary cuts are only months away.

    • Jul. 28, 2014
  23. House, Senate appear to have deal on VA care

    Top lawmakers appear to have reached a deal on a bipartisan bill that would allow veterans to seek private care if they face long wait lines at Veterans Affairs' facilities.

    • Jul. 28, 2014
  24. Security clearance holders owe $730 million in back taxes

    People with financial troubles may be vulnerable to coercion.

    • Jul. 28, 2014
  25.  Alan Lessig/Staff

    Mining innovation from military health

    Rachel Foster connects organizational top and bottom to make ideas real.

    • Jul. 28, 2014
  26. Embrace risk management

    It is not surprising that interest in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is growing fast among federal agencies. Recent experiences have demonstrated the need for improved awareness and alleviation of risks that jeopardize mission achievement.

    • Jul. 28, 2014
  27. Lawmakers are trying to make it easier to impose penalties for mismanagement on senior agency leaders. KAREN BLEIER / AFP

    Under fire: Lawmakers target senior executives

    Momentum is building in Congress to make it easier to fire and discipline federal executives for mismanagement.

    • Jul. 25, 2014
  28. Veterans Affairs acting Secretary Sloan Gibson testifies July 16 on Capitol Hill in Washington, before the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee hearing on the state of VA health care in the wake of revelations of neglect and delayed medical visits. He is accompanied by Assistant Deputy Undersecretary For Health For Administrative Operations Philip Matkowsky. Photo: J. Scott Applewhite/AP

    Documents detail VA mistreatment of vets

    Lawmaker criticizes VA Medical Inspector for lax oversight.

    • Jul. 24, 2014
  29. Cloud computing could save agencies significant money, but less than half of the respondents to a recent survey believe their agencies are considering a shift. scanrail / Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Survey: Agencies could save billions with cloud

    Meritalk finds less than half of survey respondents work for agencies contemplating a shift.

    • Jul. 23, 2014
  30. Robert Gates, Principal at RiceHadleyGates and former Secretary of Defense, delivers the keynote address at the Federal Innovation Summit 2014. Rob Curtis/Staff / Staff

    Gates: Agencies must break bad habits to modernize IT systems

    'Sclerotic' contracting system and hidebound leaders lead to failure.

    • Jul. 22, 2014
  31. COL Patrick Burden will be leaving his post as General Fund Enterprise Business System Project Manager. Rob Curtis/Staff / Military Times

    Army gets new GFEBS manager

    COL Patrick Burden reassigned to a new PEO position

    • Jul. 18, 2014
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