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  1. Karen Neuman is chief privacy officer at DHS. DHS

    DHS privacy office continues to embed robust protections

    Technology and innovation drive the development of new processes, ideas, and programs to keep our nation safe. DHS must continue to adapt and respond thoughtfully with new policies and protections, with greater speed and efficiency.

    • Oct. 24, 2014
  2. Rafael Moure-Eraso is chairman of the U.S. Chemical Safety Board, an independent federal agency. Courtesy Photo

    President's executive order on contract worker safety will save lives

    The April 8, 2011, scene was horrific: Five workers killed just inside one of a series of bunkers dug hundreds of feet deep into a side of a mountain near Honolulu.

    • Oct. 24, 2014
  3. The Veterans Affairs Department is working on creating a more open culture and is encouraging employees to share ideas, said Secretary Bob McDonald. Alex Wong/Getty Images

    Feds losing faith in senior leaders

    A minority of employees think their leaders generate motivation, while only half believe leaders maintain high standards of honesty, survey finds.

    • Oct. 23, 2014
  4. Acting USAID IG Michael G. Carroll has reportedly withdrawn his nomination to take the role permanently. Getty Images

    USAID IG accused of softening critical reports

    Acting IG Michael Carroll has reportedly withdrawn his nomination to take the role permanently.

    • Oct. 23, 2014
  5. DHS Federal Network Resilience Director John Streufert gave a revised timeline for CMD solicitations and awards. Mike Morones/Staff

    Remaining CDM solicitations delayed to December and beyond

    Majority of contract award announcements expected by August.

    • Oct. 23, 2014
  6. Blake Hall (left), founder and CEO of, and Kimberley Little Sutherland (right), senior director of market planning for identity management for LexisNexis. Photos courtesy and LexisNexis

    ID management secondary focus of executive order

    Third section of an E.O. on payment cards includes mandates for securing access to citizen data.

    • Oct. 23, 2014
  7. Tethered to a ground station, a PTDS aerostat like this one can provide surveillance as far as 100 miles away, for weeks at a time. Lockheed Martin

    DHS tests Army aerostat for border protection

    Lockheed Martin and the Army are providing operational support for the Persistent Threat Detection System aerostat.

    • Oct. 23, 2014
  8. The U.S. Postal Service wants to get into the custom grocery delivery business, a market already served by companies such as Peapod and Relay. Amazon got into the game on a trial basis in 2013, with its Amazon Fresh service shown here. (Getty Images)

    Postal Service gets green light to test grocery delivery

    The Postal Service now has approval for a pilot program to deliver groceries and packaged food, according to an Oct. 23 decision by the Postal Regulatory Commission.

    • Oct. 23, 2014
  9. How to balance the FEHBP and Medicare

    The decision is important, but usually not difficult, experts say.

    • Oct. 23, 2014
  10. Tech expert Ashkan Soltani will be joining the FTC as chief technologist in November. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

    Investigative reporter to join FTC as chief technologist

    Former reporter and technical expert Ashkan Soltani to return to FTC in November.

    • Oct. 23, 2014
  11. Sen. Tom Coburn's 2014 Wastebook report details $25 billion in spending, tax breaks and grants. Alex Wong/Getty Images

    Coburn 'Wastebook' finds $25 billion in questionable agency spending

    Ranking member's last report as senator hits Defense Department, Postal Service.

    • Oct. 22, 2014
  12. fasdfasdf Rob Landers/ / Boeing

    NASA moves ahead with commercial launch program despite protest

    GAO will consider bid protest from Sierra Nevada but won't hamper progress for current awardees.

    • Oct. 22, 2014
  13. Joseph Beaudoin, NARFE president, says the COLA for retirees does not keep pace with the rise in health-care costs. Thomas Brown/Staff

    Federal retirees to get 1.7 percent cost-of-living increase in 2015

    Retirees are getting squeezed by a system that is 'out of sync' with reality, group says.

    • Oct. 22, 2014
  14. The Galaxy S 5 is one of several Samsung mobile devices approved to handle classified government data. Donald Bowers/Getty Images

    Samsung Galaxy devices approved for classified use

    Galaxy devices are first commercial mobile tech to make the government's classified list.

    • Oct. 22, 2014
  15. Sanjeev 'Sonny' Bhagowalia was appointed as the new CIO for the Treasury Department. Colin Kelly/Army Times Publishing Co.

    Hawaii's first CIO comes stateside to join Treasury

    Sonny Bhagowalia returns to federal life to lead Treasury Department's IT efforts.

    • Oct. 22, 2014
  16. Sen. Charles Grassley wants to see administrative leave limited by a new law. Steve Pope/Getty Images

    Thousands of feds put on lengthy administrative leave

    For a variety of reasons, some federal employees spend months or years off the job.

    • Oct. 21, 2014
  17. New roles at DOJ show cybersecurity, espionage focus

    New position created to direct efforts against state-sponsored cyberwarfare.

    • Oct. 21, 2014
  18. An NOAA employee allegedly downloaded restricted information about the nation's dams. Ethan Miller/Getty Images

    NOAA employee indicted on theft of infrastructure data

    Weather Service hydrologist charged with downloading restricted data on dams.

    • Oct. 21, 2014
  19. Do we need a surgeon general?

    The spread of Ebola to US makes the question almost rhetorical.

    • Oct. 21, 2014
  20. GAO upholds protest against USIS contract

    The Government Accountability Office dealt background investigation contractor USIS another blow by upholding a protest from a rival company over the awarding of a $210 million contract.

    • Oct. 21, 2014
  21. Health plans to offer new screenings for 2015

    Tobacco counseling, lung cancer screening and genetic testing for women at risk for breast cancer will be new OPM-mandated offerings next year.

    • Oct. 20, 2014
  22. The cloud is changing the way defense and intelligence agencies think about carrying out their missions. Staff Sgt. Tracy J. Smith/ / Army

    Cloud emerges as essential component in defense, intel operations

    DoD officials mull best use of cloud for ground ops, while intelligence organizations weigh secrecy concerns.

    • Oct. 20, 2014
  23. Employees and contractors are not protecting valuable property at GSA HQ, according to the inspector general. Sheila Vemmer/Staff

    It's easy to steal things at GSA HQ, report says

    IG finds lax security for documents and valuables despite ongoing reminders to lock things up.

    • Oct. 20, 2014
  24. Michael R. Avery, Chief Operating Officer, ARMA International?

    Empower NARA to fix record keeping

    Recent revelations about the unauthorized disposal of email records at the IRS reveal a serious problem with the records management policies and practices of federal agencies.

    • Oct. 20, 2014
  25. Sally Katzen served as administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) from 1993 to 1998. She is a senior adviser at the Podesta Group and a visiting professor at New York University School of Law. Courtesy Photo

    Why the government needs a regulator of regulators

    The Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs takes political fire from both sides of the aisle.

    • Oct. 20, 2014
  26. Dr. Ronald Sanders is a vice-president and fellow at Booz Allen Hamilton. Colin Kelly / Gannett Government Media Co.

    The Ebola crisis: An enterprise leadership challenge

    The emergence of the Ebola virus in the United States makes the job of the Ebola 'czar' even harder.

    • Oct. 20, 2014
  27. Top 10 contributors to CFC campaigns

    Counting down federal agencies with the highest average donations per employee in 2013.

    • Oct. 20, 2014
  28. Health, medical research most popular charity choices in 2013 CFC

    11 charities received more than $1 million in donations in 2013.

    • Oct. 20, 2014
  29. Ted Girard, Vice President, Delphix Federal? Courtesy

    Virtualization is key to consolidation

    Since the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) was launched in 2010, modernization of legacy IT infrastructure has been a hot topic.

    • Oct. 20, 2014
  30. Program View

    • Oct. 20, 2014
  31. Executive One-on-One

    • Oct. 20, 2014
  32.  Ciaran Griffin / Getty Images

    Agencies must improve payment card security by year end

    President Obama signed an executive order Friday requiring federal agencies to strengthen card and reader security by Jan. 1.

    • Oct. 17, 2014
  33. Nitin Pradhan is the former CIO of the US Department of Transportation. He is now Managing Partner of GOVonomy and CEO of Public Private Innovations. Courtesy Photo

    A fresh approach to IDIQs, BPAs, and GWACs

    A few changes could make multiple-award contracts work much better.

    • Oct. 17, 2014
  34. Man Looking At Computer Screen (Thinkstock) Chad Kawalec / Getty Images/Hemera

    'Operation DeathClick' targets defense contractors

    Cybersecurity analysts suggest attacks on federal systems not far behind.

    • Oct. 17, 2014
  35. Morale at the Energy Department is falling and employees are frustrated with their workloads and managers, according to a new survey. Sheila Vemmer/staff

    Energy Department employees frustrated with workloads

    Compared to just a year ago, fewer DoE employees feel encouraged to innovate, trust their supervisers or believe promotions are based on merit.

    • Oct. 17, 2014
  36. Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security, speaks during the Homeland Security & Defense Business Council's symposium on the future of DHS enterprise. Rob Curtis/Staff

    DHS head: Cybersecurity, Unity of Effort top priority list

    Jeh Johnson seeks greater efficiency within DHS components.

    • Oct. 17, 2014
  37. Tom Sasala Mike Morones/Staff

    Pentagon's virtualized desktop infrastructure reaches 18,000 computers

    CTO Thomas Sasala: The program is living up to the promise of easier desktop management.

    • Oct. 17, 2014
  38. Philip R. Reitinger is the president of VisionSpear LLC and former chief information security officer for Sony, deputy undersecretary for the National Protection and Programs Directorate at the Department of Homeland Security, and chief trustworthy infrastructure strategist at Microsoft, as well as a former executive at the Departments of Justice and Defense. You can reach him on Twitter @VisionSpear. Courtesy Photo

    One team, one fight in cybersecurity

    Teams sharing space: An idea whose time has come.

    • Oct. 17, 2014
  39. Editorial: Getting modernization on track

    The technology is capable, but government needs organizational modernization and robust education across the federal enterprise.

    • Oct. 17, 2014
  40. James Windle works at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and has worked at the Office of Management and Budget, the House Committee on Appropriations, and multiple federal agencies. The views expressed are his own and do not represent those of NREL or the U.S. Department of Energy. Courtesy Photo

    How to form coalitions of action

    Few individuals can take on the bureaucracy alone.

    • Oct. 17, 2014
  41. HHS awards contract to develop Ebola vaccine

    The Health and Human Services Department wants to develop an Ebola vaccine within the next two years, according to an agency announcement.

    • Oct. 16, 2014
  42. Transportation Security Administration Administrator John Pistole is stepping down. AFP/Getty Images

    TSA chief announces retirement

    John Pistole served for more than four years.

    • Oct. 16, 2014
  43. A security firm's logo for the Sandworm vulnerability. The name and image derive from Frank Herbert's science-fiction novel Dune. iSIGHT Partners

    Microsoft-based systems at risk from 'Sandworm' vulnerability

    Security gap in Microsoft products has been used to breach an American university, systems in Europe.

    • Oct. 16, 2014
  44. Most management fellows want agency jobs, but problems remain

    Most of the 2014 presidential management fellows were satisfied with the experience and would like a career in the federal government, according to a new survey.

    • Oct. 16, 2014
  45. Sen. Ben Cardin pushed for a rule change to allow feds to keep money in a flexible spending account from one year to the next. AFP/Getty Images

    How your health spending account carry-over rules are changing

    In 2015, feds will be able to keep up to $500 unspent and carry it over to the next year.

    • Oct. 15, 2014
  46. Veterans Affairs Secretary Bob McDonald says he's working 'aggressively' to fire problem employees in his department and is frustrated by congressional criticism that dismissals aren't moving fast enough. Mandel Ngan/AFP

    VA secretary defends discipline record

    Robert McDonald challenges critics in Congress who who allege laxity, slowness.

    • Oct. 15, 2014
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