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How the Shared Services Strategy is Bridging the Gap Between Business Managers and IT Shops

Abstract: Business managers use words like bottom line, efficiency, and productivity. Developers speak in terms of platforms, interoperability, and capabilities. Learn how agencies turn to PaaS with OpenShift Enterprise to bridge the gap between business managers and IT shops, enabling developers to innovate faster and managers to chip away at $46 billion in redundant commodity IT services.


The Road to Enterprise PaaS

Abstract: Interested in leveraging automation technologies and a cloud architecture to make developers more productive? Learn how PaaS can benefit your agency to help you streamline your application development, allow you to use existing infrastructure and improve operational efficiencies. Begin charting your path to PaaS with OpenShift Enterprise.


Benefits and Significance of Private PaaS

Abstract: Shrinking budgets coupled with growing demand for new applications has put a strain on IT organizations leading to the need for an effective PaaS to accelerate app development processes. Explore PaaS market trends, benefits and an in-depth look at OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat in this IDC Technology Spotlight.


DoD embracing commercial clouds

The virtues of the cloud in general have been thoroughly praised: Flexibility, scalability, ease of maintenance and lower costs. Throw into the mix commercial cloud's ready-made architecture, with crucial components already in place, and it's not hard to understand what makes commercial solutions a tempting proposition to some. However, there are key security and collaboration considerations that must be addressed before commercial clouds can find widespread applications in the federal government and the military.


A new cloud approach: Hybrid IT architectures

Collocation centers can address many of the concerns that give agency managers pause about moving to the cloud. This white paper provides deep insight into an approach that combines the convenience of cloud with the security of an agency-owned data center.

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