The General Services Administration is looking to industry for help assessing its plan to shift small agencies and Native American tribes to its new telecommunications contract vehicle.

The agency issued an April 17 request for information asking industry for its insights on how to shift the entities to its Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions contracts for its telecommunications services.

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The new vehicle moves 36 small agencies and Native American tribes off expiring Networx and WITS 3 contracts, but GSA noted that they may not have the resources to make the switch to EIS contracts and are seeking input from industry on a transition plan its devised for the groups.

"This means that small agencies and Native American tribes with Networx and WITS 3 inventory may request that GSA perform most of the transition for them," the agency's March transition plan said. "Agencies taking advantage of this service will reimburse GSA through the fee agencies pay on the services they order from GSA contracts."

GSA officials said the RFI is meant to accomplish three goals:

  • Provide industry with information on GSA’s strategy for selecting EIS contractors through the Fair Opportunity process to replace expiring Networx and WITS 3 services.
  • Request input from industry on the proposed Fair Opportunity acquisition strategy.
  • Seek input on the proposed Small Agency and Native American Tribe Transition Plan.

GSA officials aim to complete the EIS transition by May 2020 and requested industry input on how the process could be improved, the risks they foresee with the approach and other information.

The agency released a final EIS request for proposal in October, as well as other RFIs on how to handle the contract vehicle transition.

Industry stakeholders have until 4:30 p.m. MST on April 28 to respond and can contact Steven R. Farrington at 303-941-0183 or