The IT Alliance for Public Sector has expressed concerns following President Trump’s signing of the "Buy American, Hire American" executive order on Tuesday, April 18.

The executive order means to tighten the awarding of H-1B visas to skilled foreign workers and to enforce rules prioritizing American contractors and goods in federal project awards.

ITAPS concerns over the forced domestic preferences include government agencies losing access to progressive technologies; increased government costs (estimated at up to $2 billion a year); and the stifling of innovation by narrowing how private-sector partners can provide solutions to government needs.

In a prepared statement, ITAPS Senior Vice President for Public Sector Trey Hodgkins supported growing America's jobs and economy but urged for a flexible implementation.

"'Buy American' sounds good and is well-intentioned, but it will only help America if it is applied in a manner that reflects today's

reality, rather than cut off our nose to spite our face," he said. "For example, it makes no sense to reject the nearly $400 billion that foreign companies invest employing American workers in communities across our country, or to keep our government from buying the best technology to improve U.S. national security and help our citizens.