The General Services Administration is about to change up the way agencies buy satellite technology.

The agency issued plans to expand its IT Schedule 70 with a new Special Item Number exclusively devoted to Earth Observation Solutions.

The new SIN, designated 132-41, has been in the works since February — when GSA released a request for information to industry on the possibility of spinning off IT grouping — and is projected to launch in early summer.

According to a GSA draft document, the EOS SIN will provide services for "global coverage, imagery, archive storage and distribution, monitoring, base maps (mosaics) and earth observation solutions for accurate, mission-critical information" that can be utilized for environmental, defense, meteorological and other uses.

"GSA is seeking to provide a one-stop-shop as new commercial imagery providers, capabilities and data solutions emerge in the Information Technology market to meet the needs of Federal, State, Local, Regional and Tribal governments," agency officials said in an April 28 post on its Interact site.

"By leveraging strategic sourcing and shared services, GSA’s IT Schedule 70 is in compliance with OMB guidance and offers opportunities for cross-government savings."

GSA will host a webinar at 10 a.m. EST on May 18 to inform industry about the changes resulting from the new SIN.

The EOS SIN follows GSA’s March announcement that it was pursuing a new SIN for the Department of Homeland Security’s Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program with a request for information from industry.