Ahead of Inauguration Day, the Office of Personnel Management released new guidance spelling out how agencies can appoint temporary executives to help smooth the presidential transition.

The Jan. 9 guidance addresses how agencies can hire senior executives through Temporary Transition Schedule C (TTC) appointments, as well as non-career and limited-term Senior Executive Service appointment authorities.

TTC appointments are excepted from the competitive civil service because of policy-determining experience. Agencies have TTC appointment authority for one year, starting on Jan. 20, to help manage agencies while the incoming administration continues to take shape.

The new guidance lays out the policies, processes and restrictions for onboarding the temporary appointments while the permanent nominees await Senate confirmation. The TTC appointments run 120 days and can be renewed for a single additional term without OPM approval.

In addition to the TTC appointments, non-career and limited-term Senior Executive Service appointment authorities may also select executives to ensure agencies can carry out their required functions.

"To support the transition of the incoming administration, OPM is delegating a temporary allocation of up to five Noncareer SES appointment authorities to all Cabinet level agencies and an allocation of up to three NC SES appointment authorities to all non-Cabinet level agencies (subject to the 25 percent or other applicable limit on noncareer appointments in the agency), each of which may be used for the time-limited Noncareer appointment of an individual previously identified by the incoming administration to an SES General position," said acting OPM Director Beth Cobert in a memo explaining the guidance.

"The purpose for these authorities is to support efficiency in establishing agency programs and to enable agencies to begin the pre-appointment background investigation process for these appointees. OPM may grant additional NC SES appointment authorities on a case-by-case basis upon request."

Agencies have a 10-day window to appoint non-career SES members, starting on Jan. 20, and can run for a 21-day term, after which OPM can approve an extension.

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