Grant Schneider, the federal chief information security officer, will serve as the opening keynote speaker at Fifth Domain’s CyberCon Nov. 1.

Schneider is the both the Chief Information Security Officer for the Trump administration and senior director for cybersecurity on the President’s National Security Council. In this position, Schneider plays a key role in assuring that the federal government’s technology networks are secure. Schneider is just the second person to hold this title and has an extensive background in the cybersecurity field within the federal government.

Other speakers at the fourth annual CyberCon will include Jim Richberg, national intelligence manager for Cyber at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and Jonatan Vseviov, the Ambassador of Estonia to the United States. Richberg and Vseviov will participate on a panel focused on the evolving cyber threat environment and will explain what should government and defense leaders expect from cyber adversaries such as North Korea, Russia, and China.

The conference will feature panels with these and other leaders from across the cyber community. These panels include:

  • Where the magic happens: The next generation of government cyber operations centers: What kind of successes are civilian agencies having with their cyber operations centers? How widespread will they become? Do civilian agencies need to have the ability to hackback?
  • Beyond the lockbox: What government leaders can do to improve election security: Agency leaders will discuss the capabilities and solutions they seek from industry partners, including artificial intelligence.
  • Is there anything new here? The evolving threat environment: With a renewed focus on China, Russia, Iran and North Korea, what should government and defense leaders expect from those countries?  How can officials overcome simple human error?

More information on the agenda and how to register can be found here.