HUD wants to move a legacy system to a new home

The Department of Housing and Urban Development issued a request for information March 6 to move a legacy asset management system to the cloud.

The department wants to migrate its Single Family Acquired Asset Management System (SAMS), which tracks homes in HUD’s portfolio, to a web-based software solution.

The RFI shows that HUD wants to issue the contract at the end of calendar year 2020. The contract would have a five-year period of performance, with a one year base and four one-year options. SAMS is written in proprietary code, according to the RFI.

SAMS is “integral” to managing HUD’s housing portfolio. According to the RFI, HUD acquired 50,000 to 100,000 homes per year, worth between $3 billion to $6 billion dollars. It tracks HUD homes “for sale, and processes all financial transactions related to their repair, lease, listing, and sale, including payments for contractor services, taxes and homeowner association and condominium fees.”

The system will also need to track, report, and account for homes in HUD’s custody, according to the RFI.

The documents also show that the system interfaces with 15 other HUD systems and business partners. Responses are due March 24.

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