Lisa Danzig, the associate director for performance and personnel management at OMB, said the administration will be launching a "federal feedback button" pilot in the next few months to give Americans a way to provide instant feedback on their experiences with federal services.

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"We are excited about this as a tool and we are in the midst of really ramping up a pilot at several different agencies," Danzig said at the 2015 Government Executive Customer Experience Summit March 24, in Washington, D.C. "We would be collecting feedback across all government services – kind of like a Yelp for federal government."

The pilot would be limited at first to just a few websites and services, Danzig said, and OMB is working with the General Services Administration to develop the initial feedback button.

The tool would give agencies a real-time insight into how agency customers are responding to their experiences, whether it's on a website or using a service such as the security screening process at the Transportation Security Administration or trips to national parks. Agency officials would be able to react fast enough to solve problems as they occur, Danzig said.

At TSA, the agency could compare millions of customer experiences a day across hundreds of airports, data that could lead to further innovation and improvement in the customer experience, she said.

She compared the concept to grades from health inspectors in New York City and how those empower consumers to make better choices while increasing overall health.

If the pilot proves successful the administration has included funding in its fiscal 2016 budget proposal to expand the review system across government, according to Danzig.

"That's the intent of the federal feedback button is that there would be some more visible representation of what customer satisfaction looks like. And I think that could be an incredibly powerful tool," Danzig said.

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