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CBO says deficit to reach $3.7 trillion in economic decline
The 2020 budget deficit will explode after four coronavirus response bills passed by Congress and signed by President Donald Trump promise to pile more than $2 trillion onto the $24.6 trillion national debt in just the remaining six months of the current fiscal year, according to the report.
New Trump panel to explore path to reopening US economy
Many medical experts in the government, including Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx, have cautioned that easing up on social distancing too soon could lead a new wave of the disease that would require shuttering the economy again, with disastrous results.
Revealed: The Trump version of international diplomacy
As the Trump doctrine transforms over time, there are some hints that perhaps the global community just might have some opportunity to benefit from the approach of the so-called negotiator in chief.
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