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Foreign Service exam update increases reliance on IBM evaluation software
The score an applicant earns on the FSOT will now be combined with the score they receive on the Preliminary-QEP, the first of two parts to the QEP. During the preliminary stage, an automated deep text analysis tool made by IBM evaluates the personal narratives which an applicant submits prior to taking the FSOT.
Foreign Service applicants sit for updated exam amid subjectivity concerns
In late April, the State Department announced that the Foreign Service Officer Test would no longer serve as a mechanism to cull the ranks of applicants, but rather all applicants would now move forward onto the Qualifications Evaluation Panel and their FSOT score would be factored into the evaluation.
Tillerson: We need more diversity in diplomacy
State reports just 5 percent of foreign service generalists and 25 percent of the civil service corps are African American. Hispanics make up 5 percent of foreign service generalists and 6 percent of the civil service.
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