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Congress returns to budget stalemate
Lawmakers returning to Washington, D.C., this week are in a race against the clock to reach a budget deal to ease statutory spending caps and avoid a government shutdown starting Oct. 1.
Public input on government reorg effort goes missing
The Office of Management and Budget stated in June 2017 that it had received over 100,000 public comments on its agency reorganization efforts, but a FOIA request of those comments returned zero records.
OMB director eyes redistribution of federal pay
Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said that the proposed FY19 pay cuts would serve as an avenue to balance overpaid entry-level workers and underpaid high-level workers.
Mulvaney says consumer watchdog is still doing its job
Mick Mulvaney faced criticism from House Democrats and praise from Republicans for his performance as the first Republican to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau since it was created under the Obama administration.
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