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A way to make military drones even more useful
The Department of Defense wants to improve its modeling and simulation programs as a way to bolster how it trains cyber warriors and make better use of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance data from drones.
Chinese drone maker denies giving data to government
The world’s biggest maker of commercial drones is denying claims in a U.S. government document circulated online that it gives Beijing information about American law enforcement and utility companies. The U.S. military suspended use of the drones in August.
Three questions with C4ISRNET’s new editor, Mike Gruss
C4ISRNET has a new editor, charged with infusing a contemporary edge in C4ISRNET content and providing broader coverage of the technologies transforming warfare. He spoke to Executive Editor Jill Aitoro about a few of the big topics of the day for the C4ISR community.
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