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How federal agencies can adapt to the unbounded workforce
For nearly two years, we have witnessed a rapid deterioration of the norms that governed both physical and digital workspaces. Without such norms, interpreting behavior and understanding risk has become increasingly complex. Organizations have struggled to maintain visibility of their assets, and both internal and external attackers have capitalized on weaknesses revealed by ambiguity and uncertainty.
What options do agencies have for unified communications?
The government market opportunity for communications solutions in the United States is growing, with an estimated 21 million contact center and unified communications seats. At least 8 million seats are expected to migrate to the cloud in the next three years.
How emerging tech can reshape the workforce
Gary Washington, the chief information officer of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, sat down with Federal Times to talk about agency culture, focusing on cybersecurity and learning to use emerging technology to serve business processes.
Federal Hot Take podcast: Too big to fail? Companies are far ahead of their peers, so who will the government turn to?
In this episode of Federal Hot Take, Mike Gruss, editor of C4ISRNET and Fifth Domain, is joined by Kelsey Atherton, staff writer at C4ISRNET. They talk about the idea of whether “too big to fail” could ever become applicable to technology companies as the government works through a massive modernization effort and how markets may or may not solve this problem before it becomes an issue.
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