Agencies may be tempted to explore the next big thing in technological advancement, but new research from Deloitte has found parts of the federal government that have new tools working together are often more successful than those that assign a single innovative technology to a problem.

The report, released Feb. 26 by Deloitte Consulting, identified cloud, analytics, digital experience, blockchain, cognitive, digital reality, core modernization, cyber and the business of technology as the central drivers of technological advancement at federal agencies.

“Many government organizations are finding that each individual advancement in technology — for example blockchain, digital reality or serverless cloud architecture — is powerful, but that the real power emerges when they combine,” said Scott Buchholz, principal at Deloitte and chief technology officer for its government and public services practice, in a news release.

“Finding ways to integrate a constellation of new technologies into a new operational paradigm is the next level challenge that’s unfolding in government right now.”

In total, the report found eight trends that are most likely to influence government IT in the coming months:

  1. The collision of macro technologies such as cloud and cyber
  2. Integration of artificial intelligence into agency mission and workforce
  3. Increased use of as-a-service cloud capabilities
  4. Enhanced connectivity options that enable employees to access work while in the field
  5. Intelligent interfaces that improve the way people engage with machines and systems
  6. Advanced marketing to improve the customer experience
  7. Reimagining cyber from a compliance exercise to a fundamental component of the design process
  8. Looking beyond digital to an intersection of technology, science and business

“These trends are actively shaping strategic and operational transformations today, redefining IT’s role within government and forcing leaders to reimagine what it means to govern and serve against the backdrop of a global, digitally driven economy,” said Buchholz.

Jessie Bur covers federal IT and management.

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