Federal Retirement Academy

Learn how to get the most out of your retirement, whether you're leaving public service tomorrow or planning for the future.

Your best retirement date in 2018
The new leave year begins on Jan. 6, 2019. So, what’s so important about retiring before the end of the leave year? I’ll tell you.
Lesson 10: Federal Retirement Academy — CSRS Offset
Registered Financial Consultant Ann Vanderslice explains the qualifications for and results of the hybrid Civil Service Retirement System Offset system, explaining how to calculate the benefits of Offset service.
What’s Up on the Hill 2018
Congress is back in session and, as usual, the members have introduced a flurry of bills, some of which would affect federal employees and retirees if they were passed and signed into law.
Looking ahead 2018
Time to do some end-of-year planning. Whether laying out your annual leave calendar or eyeing retirement, dates matter.
Lesson 9: Early out with VERA
Registered Financial Consultant Ann Vanderslice explains the requirements, arrangements and potential incentives surrounding an agency's offer of voluntary early retirement.
Lesson 8: The FERS Supplement
Registered Financial Consultant Ann Vanderslice explains how the FERS supplement covers the gap in retirement income when feds retire before they can start drawing their Social Security at age 62.
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