Rates of pay for the vice president and certain senior political appointees will continue to be frozen at 2013 levels, according to a recent memo by Office of Personnel Management associate director of employee services Mark Reinhold.

According to the memo, this continued pay freeze, which will last at least until Jan. 19, 2018, is due in large part to the continuing budget resolution passed by Congress in December 2017 in lieu of a full appropriations bill, because the authority and conditions provided for in the FY2017 budget are carried over to 2018.

“This language means that the freeze on the payable pay rates for the Vice President and certain senior political appointees at 2013 levels […] continues into Calendar Year 2018 through January 19, 2018, or the date of enactment of new appropriations legislation,” the memo said.

“Until Congress acts on appropriations legislation, we will not know whether the pay freeze continues beyond Jan. 19, 2018. The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) will issue separate guidance regarding whether this pay freeze will be continued or terminated.”

The freeze is applicable only to:

  • Employees serving in an executive schedule position
  • Chiefs of mission or ambassadors at large
  • Noncareer, limited term or any other appointees in the senior executive service whose pay exceeds the EX-9 rate