WASHINGTON ― A former State Department employee and a car salesman pleaded guilty to the unauthorized selling of government vehicles. Rick J. Motley and James Ratcliffe were charged with conspiracy to commit government property theft and wire fraud. Their plea agreement calls for a potential sentencing of 18 to 24 months of incarceration, with a call for both to pay $416,020 in restitution and $53,000 in forfeiture money judgement.

Motley was responsible for the acquisition and maintenance of armored vehicles for the State Department. He conspired in the scheme with Ratcliffe, the manager of the Car Collision Center, which performed legitimate work on government vehicles.

On at least two occasions between 2011 and 2012, Motley caused truckloads of State Department tires and wheels to be delivered to Collision Center, with him telling Ratcliffe that he could sell them and keep the proceeds. Furthermore, the Motley Crew took 12 Chevrolet Suburbans and a Hummer from the State Department motor pool to sell them and split the proceeds. Ratcliffe told purchasers that he had gotten the cars at an auction.

The value of the misappropriated property totaled at least $512,420.

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