Adobe and the General Services Administration announced May 15, 2018, that Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Document Cloud and Adobe Sign services were the first to obtain Federal Risk Authorization Management Program Tailored authorization, enabling agencies to quickly acquire those cloud services.

“With this investment, hundreds of thousands of public-sector employees like yourselves around the world will be able to feel more secure using these three cloud offerings,” said Matt Thompson, executive vice president of worldwide field operations at Adobe, at the Adobe Government Symposium on May 15, 2018.

FedRAMP Tailored was released in September 2017, after two public comment periods on the process at the beginning and middle of the same year. It is designed for cloud services that present both low risk and low cost for agencies by speeding up and streamlining the authorization process.

“GSA has been listening to agencies and industry to streamline the process and provide more options for the government to access cloud services with appropriate levels of security,” said Matt Goodrich, director of GSA’s FedRAMP Program, in a news release on the authorization.

“The goal of FedRAMP Tailored is to make it easier for the federal government to obtain innovative cloud solutions from companies, and we’re proud to announce that Adobe will be the first receiving authorization to operate under the FedRAMP Tailored program.”

According to the FedRAMP Tailored website, the program differs from standard FedRAMP in that it provides agencies with the flexibility to quickly acquire new and necessary technologies without having to wait for the conclusion of a lengthy authorization process.

“We know better digital experiences strengthen the relationship between citizens and government. That is why it is imperative that government jumpstarts its efforts to bring innovative services to citizens,” said John Landwehr, vice president and public sector chief technology officer at Adobe.

“Governments need a clear path to create experiences that are engaging, mobile-friendly, easy to use and focused on the citizen journey. The FedRAMP Tailored program will help put more agencies on that path.”