The innovation arm at the Department of Health and Human Services — IDEA Lab — is looking to add three new entrepreneurs-in-residence to work hand-in-hand with the agency's "internal entrepreneurs" on projects that come with high risk but offer big rewards.

The 13-month tours of duty are open to private sector (non-government) innovators interested in helping HHS agencies provide better services to the public, specifically around the use of technology.

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In the last two and a half years, the program has brought 15 entrepreneurs from outside government together with in-house innovators to work on 13 projects, including the Blue Button initiative — which gives Medicare and Medicaid recipients one-click access to their health and benefits information — and the CMS Medicare Claims project, which does the same for health care providers.

Both of these projects need an entrepreneur-in-residence, as well as a third program connecting several big data sources for the Food and Drug Administration.

Specifics: Call for Entrepreneurs and Developers

According to a post on the HHS IDEA Lab blog, ideal candidates have backgrounds that include:

  • Innovative and entrepreneurial ability and potential — as demonstrated by leading innovative processes and/or solutions. Specific entrepreneurial or start-up activity is particularly desirable;
  • Experience designing, developing and implementing new ventures, including a track record of taking risks to develop new products and/or solutions;
  • Expertise in software design and development, technology entrepreneurship, open innovation, agile development, human-centered design lean methodologies and/or iterative program design;
  • Experience in organizational development and executive-level decision making, particularly around defining business requirements, executing change management and/or introducing disruptive technologies or practices into an organization;
  • Strong analytical and research skills and a demonstrated capacity for creative thinking;
  • Experience measuring program impact, including quantitative analysis skills; and
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills.

In return, entrepreneurs learn about the inner workings of federal agencies, foster connections with innovators in and outside of government and get the opportunity to work on projects that serve their country and the greater good.

Apply: Submit application for HHS Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Aaron Boyd is an awarding-winning journalist currently serving as editor of Federal Times — a Washington, D.C. institution covering federal workforce and contracting for more than 50 years — and Fifth Domain — a news and information hub focused on cybersecurity and cyberwar from a civilian, military and international perspective.

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