Over the last few years Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Washington, D.C. have all taken steps to legalize marijuana. But watch out feds, the Office of Personnel Management still considers it a controlled substance.

Despite the recent string of states that have decriminalized or legalized marijuana, federal employees still should not use it, the Office of Personnel Management said in a memo May 26.

OPM Director Katherine Archuleta said federal laws on marijuana remain unchanged and federal employees can be disciplined for using marijuana, or it can factor in to job promotions.

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"Drug involvement can raise questions about an individual's reliability, judgment, and trustworthiness or ability or willingness to comply with laws, rules, and regulations, thus indicating his or her employment might not promote the efficiency or protect the integrity of the service. However, the individual's conduct must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis," Archuleta said.

She said agencies must ensure its employees know that recent changes to state law do not change the federal laws pertaining to marijuana. OPM also offers an array of guidance in keeping agency offices drug free, she wrote.

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