With the presidential election a week away, the Office of Personnel Management is getting the jump on the transition.

The agency unveiled its "Presidential Transition Guide to Federal Human Resources Management Matters" on Oct. 31, providing a how-to for incoming and outgoing administration officials to navigate the impending change of power slated for Jan. 20.

"While the Federal Government begins preparation for a presidential transition, the core values and principles of merit-based civil service must endure," said Acting OPM Director Beth Cobert in a statement.

"This Guide provides the incoming Administration and agency officials who have transition responsibilities, with a detailed description of the various rules, regulations, and policies that govern the establishment of transition teams, the departure and appointment of political appointees, and the treatment of career Federal employees (especially members of the Senior Executive Service) during the transition period."

The guide lays out which positions will change during the transition, the ethical standards for incoming and outgoing federal employees, the process for both presidential and senior executive appointments and pay and benefits information.

The transition has been a hot topic, with associations like The Partnership for Public Service and the National Academy of Public Administration authoring multiple studies on the best practices for a modern handover of government.

Cobert said OPM would work to assist all federal agencies in a smooth transition, which today is viewed as integral to national security.

"Our citizens depend on all of us continuing the work of the Federal Government without interruption, and it is vital the upcoming Presidential transition be absolutely transparent," she said.  "As the steward of the principles and policies that are embodied in the Guide, we at OPM stand ready to assist you in any way that we can."

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