Bake sales supporting the Combined Federal Campaign are no longer permitted, the Washington Post reports.

The change is in response to recommendations made in 2012 for the CFC’s modernization. Special events, according to a memo published by the Office of Personnel Management on Aug. 3, will now be focusing on “increasing employee awareness of CFC charities and their mission” rather than cash fundraising efforts.

Charities are concerned that donations will be seen decreasing even further after the OPM formally proposed an end to cash, check and money order donations — methods that, in 2012, made up approximately $19 million in charitable donations. The new donation process will be “similar to the deduction process for … other federal benefits” that the new CFC donor pledging system uses, the OPM memo reports.

“Campaign kickoffs, victory events, awards, and other non-solicitation events to build support and awareness for the CFC are encouraged. No funds may be raised or collected at these events,” a spokesman for the OPM told the Post.

Although there is no specific mention of bake sales, the CFC change means we must say goodbye to the beloved bake sales — an unfortunate side-effect to a well-intentioned change.

Rachael Kalinyak is an editorial intern with Network Solutions.

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