Federal agencies will begin meeting with the Office of Personnel Management in two months to share success stories and challenges of their respective workforces during human capital reviews, according to a Feb. 13 memo from acting OPM Director Margaret Weichert to the heads of those agencies.

“The HCR is an annual discussion between agency leadership and leadership from OPM’s Employee Services (policy), Merit System Accountability and Compliance (oversight), and Human Resources Solutions (products and services),” Weichert wrote.

“The HCR will focus primarily on human capital results achieved and challenges remaining, linked specifically to goals in agency Human Capital Operating Plans and the President’s Management Agenda.

HCR’s were initially proposed a the tail end of the Obama administration in December 2016 to “better align human capital activities with an agency's mission and strategic goals.”

The reviews were officially instituted April 11, 2017, under a change to the Code of Federal Regulations.

“We are particularly interested in learning about the strides your agency is making towards achieving a modern workforce for the 21st century,” Weichert wrote.

“This includes strategically hiring employees with the proper skills to align with evolving mission needs, engaging the workforce, and reskilling employees as necessary. The HCR also includes a discussion of agency progress in meeting governmentwide priorities in the Federal Workforce Priority Report, such as closing skill gaps and effectively using data to drive decisions and improve processes.”

Agencies must identify a point of contact to coordinate HCR scheduling with OPM.