The Senate has voted to put off a government shutdown until Dec. 16, passing a stop-gap bill while negotiations continue on a two-year appropriations deal.

H.J. 2250 passed the Senate by a unanimous voice vote on Dec. 10, a day before the appropriations deadline.

Congress is trying to pass a two-year funding deal to avoid another entrenched budget battle on Capitol Hill, but in trying to align 12 appropriations bills into an omnibus package, a litany of policy riders threaten to derail the process.

The most recent continuing resolution came on Sept. 30 when Congress agreed to fund the government until Dec. 11 while the House and Senate ironed out details on a budget that would run through March 2017.

But as the deadline ticked closer, it didn't look Congress could come to an agreement on a number of issues, including providing visas to Syrian refugees, before time ran out.

The new deal could provide cover for Congress to finalize a budget deal before the possibility of another government shutdown.

The bill now goes to the House for a vote.

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