Data and analytics will progressively underpin how agencies understand their workforce and improve performance, according to a study of federal human capital trends to watch in 2017 by talent management solutions provider Acendre.

The survey of the government landscape in the face of a new administration, as well as increasing retirements and millennial hiring challenges, identifies eight major predictions about how agencies will grapple with fulfilling their missions.

Speaking to federal human resources leaders and gathering insight from the People Analytics Center of Excellence, Acendre believes agencies will:

  • Place increasing priority on finding, hiring and retaining cybersecurity talent.
  • Be under increased pressure to justify budgets.
  • Be charged to push ahead with IT modernization plans.
  • See automated performance management take off.
  • Pay for performance.
  • See a rise in business opportunities for contractors.
  • See retirements remain steady.
  • Need an increased emphasis on learning.

Workforce planning and a push for an advanced training environment will assist agencies in mitigating the harm of the cyber talent shortage, the report said. Regulations on joining and leaving government and pay rates will need to be addressed to increase engagement with millennials wooed by the private sector. In general, identifying learning opportunities will assist employee retention, according to the report.

Analytics will become increasingly important for budget allocation purposes, the report found. Core services and programs will need to be identified and prioritized, including the upgrade of IT infrastructure in order to facilitate better cybersecurity, planning and training, the report said.

It will also be important to evolve a "pen to paper" government review system and reward accountability to improve engagement and attract talent even as non-government workers compensate for hiring freezes and the standard rate of career federal worker retirements, the report added.

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