Federal employees interested in working for the military’s newest, space-focused branch now have opportunities to do so, as the Air Force posted several civilian positions on the federal hiring website to draw talent specifically for the Space Force headquarters.

The positions all start at GS-12 and above, and are not open to the public, meaning that the Air force plans to hire current and former feds, military veterans and family members of feds or military members serving overseas. Some of the positions are reserved for current federal employees working for the Air Force.

Feds with program analyst expertise that wish to work for the Space Force are especially in luck, as 13 of the open positions call for program analysts to help set operational priorities for the new force. Human resource specialists are the next most sought after position to plan for future hiring, training and workforce management.

The Air Force is also targeting a short turnaround for these positions, as many close less than two weeks after posting. Interested feds will have to submit materials by the end of the month for a majority of the positions listed.

Employees will also have to obtain and maintain secret or top secret clearance for most positions.

Jessie Bur covered the federal workforce and the changes most likely to impact government employees for Federal Times.

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