The Trump administration should take certain critical steps to prioritize government management in the first 100 days, according to suggestions by the Partnership for Public Service.

Stressing the importance of having well-qualified, well-prepared teams vetted and confirmed by the Senate to address critical domestic, economic and national security challenges, the nonprofit, nonpartisan organization is offering up six recommendations as the top departmental and agency leaders are chosen, paraphrased here:

1) To avoid lingering vacancies, deputy secretaries and other senior leaders should be appointed quickly to support each Cabinet secretary. 

2) Clear decision-making processes and clarity of responsibility should be established to assist appointees who are new to government in their success. 

3) Administration priorities should be communicated clearly and joint teams of political appointees and senior career executives should be formed to drive successful operations.

4) A comprehensive management agenda will help navigate the complex, fragmented world of the federal government, and help negate political fallout from a roadmap with too many sharp turns and dead ends. 

5) Break down the walls between agency fiefdoms and build cross-agency teams to clarify jurisdiction, reduce duplicative programs and solve priority issues.

6) Finally, engage Congress proactively by developing working relationships across the aisle to improve understanding, build trust and solve problems.

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