IG concerned about GSA's transactional data proposal

The General Services Administration's proposed Transactional Data Reporting Rule, under which vendors would have to report the price the federal government paid for an item or service bought through GSA, may go too far, according to the agency's Office of Inspector General.

The OIG supports the collection of "transactional data as an additional tool to secure best value for customer agencies," according to a memorandum issued May 4.

"However, we are concerned that the proposed alterations to the Price Reductions clause will eliminate current price protections that cannot be replaced by the collection and use of transactional data alone," the memo continues.

The proposed rule as it stands also poses a risk that contracting officers will rely too much on the transactional data and become disconnected from commercial price analysis, which keeps federal prices in line with the private sector, according to the OIG's findings.

GSA published the proposed rule in the Federal Register on March 4.

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