The departments of Education, State and the Army are among those with the most documented bids for contracts expiring in 2017, providing industry with actionable insight on just how competitive the procurement process will be.

This and other facets of vendor competition are examined in a new report by government market analysts Govini, looking at the contracting environment as the Trump administration reveals its new defense agency-centric budget request.

Assigning agencies a "Competitiveness Score," Govini aims to offer its report to assist vendors in anticipating recompetes, allowing them to craft strategies that align to their competitive strengths.

President Trump's pledge to expand the military signals there will be a rebuilding effort including new weapons platforms for the Army, but also plenty of opportunities funded through the operations and maintenance budget account. Logistics and base operations are part of the mission readiness and war fighter-focused orders set to expire.

Over at the Department of Homeland Security there are immediate contracts up for consideration covering non-brick-and-mortar border technologies and integrated vetting systems, as well as cybersecurity initiatives, air transportation of illegal immigrant detainees, call center support for ready access to government information and services, and more.

A swing in the Department of Energy will see supporting National Nuclear Security Administration operations become an active sector, while contracts at the Environmental Protection Agency for systems integrators, environmental management, remediatio,n and architecture and engineering could be at risk of not being recompeted.

Typically, the EPA, DOE, NASA, Navy, and Health and Human Services are the least competitive agencies, relying on a select group of contractors to perform services and provide solutions.

The Govini report suggests that companies that don’t typically do federal business have the potential to offer tremendous value in the increasingly competitive sectors, if they can familiarize themselves with the cumbersome government contracting processes and procedures or if the Trump administration furthers its stated goal of rolling back regulations.

The full report, with graphs of specific contract vehicles coming into play, can be requested at


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