A new digital acquisition platform from not-for-profit technology research and development organization MITRE Corporation is intended to demonstrate how replacing a one-size-fits-all approach with customizable road maps can deliver systems and services faster.

Developed by Pete Modigliani of MITRE’s National Security Engineering Center and Su Chang of MITRE’s Center for Acquisition Management and Science, the ACQUIRE platform uses targeted guidance to accelerate proficiency and efficiency by curating the best resources from dozens of sites and converted static references into a one-stop shop. 

The ability to quickly navigate requirements and optimize learning, and therefore design-making, time helps avoid circumstances where the acquisition could become obsolete as it clears the bureaucratic process.

"Tailored acquisition models are ideal for smaller implementations that need faster responsiveness, like IT systems," Modigliani said in a blog post about the ACQUIRE system. 

ACQUIRE’s first acquisition model, launched March 20, is for agile software development within the Department of Defense. Consolidating digitized and interactive policies, guides and information, as well as a link-enabled supporting resources repository, the ACQUIRE interface is designed for flexibility to provide government with a technology demonstrator of ways to restructure acquisition programs to inspire agencies and "out-innovate one’s adversaries," according to the MITRE project story.

The ACQUIRE site can be explored at acquire.mitre.org.

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