Must-do bills in a divided Congress could lead to shutdown
An early December government shutdown is a real possibility, since a divided Congress can’t agree on military spending, Democrats insist on help for young immigrants and President Donald Trump’s position can change with each lawmaker he talks to.
CBO: Federal budget deficit rises to $668B
Republicans controlling Congress are working on companion nonbinding budget plans that promise sharp spending cuts and shrinking deficits, but they aren’t likely to actually try to carry out the cuts.
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House passes $1.2T omnibus spending bill
The massive measure wraps the 12 annual spending bills into one and is the first time in more than a decade that the House has passed all of the appropriations bills in one fashion or the other by Sept. 30, the end of the budget year.
Senate GOP struggles with deficit in work on budget, taxes
Senate Republicans are struggling with how many billions of dollars President Donald Trump’s tax code overhaul will add to the deficit as they work on a GOP budget plan that’s a prerequisite to any far-reaching change in the nation’s tax system.
Senate GOP sees budget deal as path to tax redo
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and GOP members of the Budget Committee are meeting Tuesday with two top Trump administration officials to plot breaking the budget stalemate.
Trump sets emergency aid in motion in deal that upsets GOP
President Donald Trump ignored seething Republicans and made good on his deal with Democrats, signing legislation that links $15.3 billion in disaster aid to an increase in the U.S. borrowing limit.
Trump overrules GOP with deal on CR, debt ceiling
President Donald Trump briskly overruled congressional Republicans and his own treasury secretary Wednesday to cut a deal with Democrats to keep the government operating and raise America’s debt limit.
Contractors should prepare now for government shutdown, debt ceiling breach
To help contractors understand and prepare for the possibility of government shutdown and debt ceiling breach, David Berteau, John Cooney, and Alan Chvotkin spoke during the Professional Services Council Webinar entitled “Government Shutdown? Debt Ceiling Breach? Are You Prepared?”
Daunting budget deadlines loom for government
The Trump administration and Congress face a daunting set of budget-related deadlines in the coming weeks. Blowing them could cause a partial government shutdown and upend global financial markets.
Vet groups urge House to reject plan to fix VA's budget gap
Eight major veterans' organizations on Saturday urged Congress to provide emergency money to the Department of Veterans Affairs without cutting other VA programs as the House moved quickly to address a budget shortfall that threatened medical care for thousands of patients.
Federal employees’ earnings under threat from the government they serve
The biggest threats to federal employees originate from the government itself. In a webinar on Thursday, the National Active and Retired Federal Employee Association cited several proposals that are currently in play with the potential to threaten the hard-earned funding and benefits federal employees rely on.
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