The biggest threats to federal employees originate from the government itself. In a webinar on Thursday, the National Active and Retired Federal Employee Association cited several proposals that are currently in play with the potential to threaten the hard-earned funding and benefits federal employees rely on.

NARFE Legislative Director Jessica Klement described the current proposals threatening federal employees, their pay, earned retirement, and benefits. Of these proposals, the biggest threat, according to Klement, is the possibility of a reconciliation bill.

A reconciliation bill is used to reconcile the different budget proposals creating a single, expedited legislation on the spending, revenues, and federal debt limit by only requiring a majority vote in the House and Senate. The proposals that have the most potential to become reconciliation bills are those that would change G fund returns and increase the retirement contribution of federal employees.

Klement emphasized the proposals could affect both current working federal employees, as well as those who have retired.

NARFE has urged anyone with questions or concerns to visit their website or contact For those who don’t wish to see these proposals come to fruition, Klement urged writing and calling the local Congress members with personal stories.

Rachael Kalinyak is an editorial intern with Network Solutions.

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