The following is a question submitted by a Federal Times readers about retirement and other issues facing the federal workforce. It is answered by Reg Jones, a charter member of the senior executive service and a Federal Times columnist.

“I am planning on leaving my part time job three and a half months after I turn 60 (Dec. 2023). I have not been eligible to receive the FERS Social Security Supplement after my first year of retirement due to my employment. Will I be eligible to have it reinstated? If so, when would it appear? Is there something I need to do to inform OPM or is it automatic?”

Reg’s Response

Yes, you will be able to have your special retirement supplement reinstated in the calendar year following the year in which you are no longer exceeding the earnings limit. You’ll need to let OPM know. You can do that by going to, clicking on Forms, and downloading a copy of RI 92-22. Fill out the form and send it to:

U.S. Office of Personnel Management, Retirement Survey Branch, FERS Annuity Supplement, Room 2416, 1900 E, Street, NW, Washington, D.C., 20415.

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Reg Jones, a charter member of the senior executive service, is the resident expert on retirement and the federal government at Federal Times. From 1979 until 1995, he served as an assistant director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management handling recruiting and examining, white and blue collar pay, retirement, insurance and other issues. Opinions expressed are his own.

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