”My question is in regards to using military/annual leave for a time specific during the regular workday. My example is I perform many military funerals across New England (110 in CY22) most require about 2 hours of my time. I get paid for one drill period- equivalent of 4 hours. My reserve pay is higher than my federal pay (if that matters). So with this scenario could I use 2 hours of an appropriate type of leave to perform this duty and still get paid for 8 hours a day federal and my reserve pay? Or could I flex my time and still do the 8 hours and not use any leave time if I can perform 8 hours with a 12 hour work window (6am-6pm)?

Reg’s Response

KTKSection 563 of Public Law 107-107 authorizes the use of the 15 days of military leave for “funeral honors” duty as described in Section 12503 of Title 10 and Section 115 of Title 32., United States code. Each agency is responsible for administering the use of military leave for funeral honor duty for its employees. If you have additional questions about its use, check with your agency’s personnel office.

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