“In 2021 I retired from Customs and Border Protection as a CBP Officer under the Enhanced CBPO retirement system. It had always been my understanding that if I retired under this system, I would be eligible for a COLA raise immediately after retirement. For CY 2022 and CY I did not receive the COLA. when I questioned OPM, they responded that I had to work 20 years under the retirement system to qualify. I can find no regulations that state that only that I have to retire under the system, for which I did. Do I have to work 20 years under the Enhanced CBP OFFICER RETIREMENT system to qualify for the COLA raise?

Reg’s Response

What you were told is correct. Go to

https://www.cbp.gov/employee-resources/benefits/retirement/leo-ecbpo/leo-special-retirement-coverage. There you’ll find the following answer:

“Your LEO service has to total 20 years in order for your LEO service to count toward the increased retirement benefit.”

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